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The University of Minnesota Retirees Association (UMRA) sponsors the journal, Journal of Opinions, Ideas and Essays (JOIE). The JOIE is different from a traditional print-journal in some special ways; it is not intended as an alternative to existing professional journals, but rather as a venue for articles that do not fit easily into conventional journals. These could include any of a variety of essays, such as experiences at the University, biographical sketches, matters of University or academic interest, comments on important issues, pedagogical matters, poems, short stories, artistic contributions, book reviews or critiques; and for scientists, speculative hypotheses or essays on important scientific ideas. As an electronic journal the JOIE features graphics and illustrations in ways that traditional journals often cannot accommodate. Thus, it is especially appropriate for artistic or photographic essays. JOIE publications are searchable on worldwide search engines such as Google. Submissions are accepted from any member of the University of Minnesota community, active or retired.

EISSN: 2469-3200