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Contours: Arts. Activism. Pathways. is a decolonial feminist, open access publication that highlights scenes of neighborhood-based art and activism and invites a global dialogue over the aesthetics, politics, and rhythms of everyday life. The Contours project entails a process of relationship-building among collaborators so that we can collectively write-with in an attempt to undo extractive, objectifying methods of writing-about. Contours encourages readers to contribute responses to the publication and to create a conversation across time, so that each edition might be read in relation to other editions. Article titles on the homepage appear in each author’s dominant language and offer a Spanish or English translation in this first edition. Each edition of Contours is a gathering of activists–artists, scholars, and practitioners–who co-create and theorize aspects of their worlds through textual, imagistic, and other sensory illustrations. It invites entry to a particular place, space, and activity of activist practice and opens up new possibilities to connect and interact across the multiple dimensions within it. All prepared works go through a process of community peer review prior to publication. We also offer an academic peer review process for scholars upon request.

EISBN: 978-1-946135-84-1

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Author names are listed on each contributed piece in Spanish and in English. Each piece should be cited with the appropriate author, for example: López McBean, Maritza . "Red Barrial Afrodescendiente, desde comunidades de base en la concientización antirracista" Contours: Arts. Activism. Pathways., Edición 1, 2022,